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Hey guys, guess what? I'm back, with an all new Legacy!

Warnings: Swearing, cliffhangers, weird sims, ultra-prettiness

OH HAI!Collapse )

Next Up:
(Also probably other things, but BABY!)

Note: You guys know the drill. I have a big huge list of names to use, but, any requested names (either in the comments or the poll) get bolded, so I use them first! Request some names!
Birthday = Cake + [Weiss Kreuz + Candles + Tablet] = <3

I'M BLIND! ...Only not.

So, went to the optometrist today. I'm slightly near sighted, which means that I'll be getting glasses, (Which is fine, I look cute in glasses. Woot! ^^) but I won't have to wear them all the time. Completely sensible, considering I've managed without them for six months.

And hopefully, hopefully, this will make my 'Oh God please let the zombies come and take off my head and eat my brain for that will be less painful than this' headaches go away.

On another note, Vancouver Pride Parade tomorrow, yay! That's going to be a blast. Topless chicks on bikes? Guys wearing nothing but...well, not a lot? People on floats that are so sparkly they must have come from a glam rock concert? TEH GAY? MY TYPE OF PARTY! I also get to drag along n00b virgin sacrifice Jen (I wonder if she'll let me draw a V on her forehead in lipstick?), who hasn't gone before. She will be ~scandalized~. Except not. At all. Sigh. Can't shock the locals. :(